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Looking for 2019 Indianapolis Shamrock Beer Run Photos? Click here

For 2019, We’re back at Military Park

Join us for beer, running, beer, walking, beer, stumbling, beer & partying at historic Military Park!  This year we want to make your experience even more fun and enjoyable!  Check this out:

  • If the weather will be cold, we will have tents and install heaters if needed.
  • Previous years we had 5 beer stops, one at the start and at every kilometer. This year we’re adding a 6th beer stop at the finish line!
  • Try our VIP section. Besides access to the VIP tent, there will be tables and chairs, toilets, snacks and shorter beer lines.
  • Finally, NEW THIS YEAR, we will have a DJ and music and plan to party until sunset!

That’s right! There will be food, beer and music until sunset! Plan to party all day and into the evening!

Check here for more information about the BrewFest.

The festivities begin Saturday, March 16th at noon just west of downtown Indianapolis at Military Park at the intersection of New York and West Streets!  The walk/run starts at 2:00 pm.

All registered participants get a souvenir beer glass, Shamrock Beer Run long-sleeve T-shirt and an event medal for completing the course.  The course will have multiple beer stops to quench your parched throat with 3 ounces of beer.  Each race beer stop will be sponsored by a different brewery.


2019 Swag

This year Indianapolis participants will receive the following swag:

  • Souvenir Pint Glass

  • Tech Shirt (hoodie upgrade)

  • 2019 Event Medal


Personalized Bibs

If you register early enough you can personalize your bib (see examples below).  After the deadline, you can personalize your bib at the venue if you wish. We’ll have Sharpies available for that purpose.



funRewards Particpants

If you are a Fun Races funRewards program participant, visit for the latest information regarding the points required for registering for this event. If you are not a Fun Races funRewards program participant, consider joining.  It’s free!  Earn 10 points for every dollar you spend on a qualified Fun-Races event.  Learn more at

Race Day Staging Area

A diagram of our staging area will be posted when plans have been finalized.

Suggested parking areas will also be posted once we have everything put together.

You should plan to arrive early since the check-in area can get congested as we get closer to starting time. Also note that due to city ordinance, alcoholic beverages in open containers must not leave our cordoned off area.

Be sure to bring a valid ID to prove your age.  You must be 21 and over to attend and participate in this event.

Race Day Route

This is the 2018 route.  We are working on the route for 2019.



Am I registered?  You can check by logging into, then clicking on My Registered Races (lower left-hand side).

Is the event walker friendly?  Absolutely!  More than half the participants walk the course.

When and where is Packet Pickup? Packet pick-up locations, dates and times will be published as we get closer to the event.

Can I change my bib name? Yes, until February 20.  Log into, click on My Registered Races (lower left-hand side).
Click on Manage Registration (middle of page)
Click on Questions (Left Hand Side) then type in the bib name you’d like.

Can I change my shirt size or upgrade to a tech?.  Yes, until March 1.  Log into, click on My Registered Races (lower left-hand side).
Click on Manage Registration (middle of page)
Click on Giveaway, then select the new size/style you’d like.

When do I get my shirt?  You get your shirt and pint glass at Packet Pickup or when you Check-In race day.

Can we get our stuff race day?  Yes, we will open Check in at noon on race day.

Can I pick up my friends’ stuff? Yes, you just need their ID.

I can’t make the race, what are my options?  You have two choices so you don’t just eat the money.
1. Come to Packet Pickup and get your stuff.  You won’t get the beer, but you can have a shirt, pint glass and medal.
2. Sell or give away your registration.  You need to  Log into, click on My Registered Races (lower left-hand side).
Click on Manage Registration (middle of page)  Click the Transfer to Another Runner tab (left-hand side), then enter the new runner’s name and email. There is no charge if you do it yourself online.  If you require our help, we charge $10.00.

Where should I park? Great question – we expect this event to be sold out and there may be other downtown events too. Parking may be challenging. If you’re in pretty good shape, park a few blocks away so you can also leave easily.

Can I push a stroller?  No.  This event is 21+ only.  Insurance and the State require that no one under 21 be admitted.  There is a lot of beer here.

Can my kids come, even if they don’t run?   Only if they are over 21 years old.  Otherwise, no.

Do you offer gluten-free beer?  Sorry, no we don’t.

Can I switch from Spectator or DD to Beer Drinker (or vice versa)?  Yes. Log into, click on My Registered Races (lower left-hand side).
Click on Manage Registration (middle of page)
Click the Transfer Event tab on the left
Click the Start Transfer
Click the second box (Select an Event) and choose the one you want.

Do spectators get shirts and pint glasses? No, they do not.  Space is a limited, so we charge for spectators as that’s one less runner we can have.  Consider volunteering to pour beer- it’s free and you’ll get a shirt!

If you have another question, please email

Charities We Support

The Shamrock Beer Run is a fun event that celebrates St. Patrick's Day and all that is Irish. But we're not without our serious side. Shamrock Beer Run and its parent organization, Fun Races, Inc. believe in philantropy and giving a portion of our proceeds to valued organizations.

Below is a list of charity organizations we supported in 2018. We encourage you to visit their websites to learn more about each one. We would also like to encourage you to bring items to donate!

Ainsley's Angels of America aims to build awareness about America's special needs community through inclusion in all aspects of life. Serving as advocates to providing education and participating as active members in local communities, we believe everyone deserves to be included.

Indiana chapter Facebook page is located here:
Backpacks of Hope is our primary charity partner. Backpacks of Hope is all about making a difference in the lives of the homeless by putting together backpacks filled with basic necessities.


They can use items like backpacks, hats, gloves, socks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, blankets, shampoo, conditioner, razors, soap/body wash, foot powder, nonperishable food, lotion, water.
Energy Krazed is a non-profit 501c3 organization developing fun, relevant, educational, and interactive programs that empower youth to take charge of their minds, bodies, and ultimately their futures.
The John H. Boner Neighborhood Centers help to improve the quality of life on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis by providing tools for change and growth. The center’s services encourage individuals and families to recognize their own strengths and abilities as they move forward toward self-reliance and improved quality of life.
The Little Red Door makes the most of life and the least of cancer for the medically under-served residents of Indiana. It is the oldest, local cancer resource in central Indiana helping over 7,500 Hoosiers each year.