About Our Company

Shamrock Beer Run is an event conducted by Fun-Races, a family-owned business. Its focus is creating unique fun events!  Most events benefit at least one charity.  If you attend many Fun-Races events, you will quickly learn the things we like – beer, dogs and wine for example:)

We do our best to provide excellent swag so you have something nice to remember the event. We also pride ourselves on the coolest medals we can design for all of our finishers.

Chet Klene
Race Director, Fun-Races

Fun-Races, Shamrock Beer Run's parent company, is led by Chet Klene. Please take a second to say Hi to him when you’re at an event. He began the company after creating one charity event for fun. He loved the crowd so much, that it became his full-time job. He is responsible for race ideas and creates most of them.

Tom Jordan
Race Director, J3 Timing

Tom Jordan got into the industry because he liked running, but stuck with it because he loves beer! His crew times and/or manages over 300 races per year throughout the midwest which is impressive since he works off of an 11 month calendar (March is 100% Shamrock Time!).

Andrea Hargrave
Race Director

Andrea Hargrave, Race Director manages much of the fun: She loves having candy, popcorn, etc… at our post-race festivities. And lots of age group awards (She’s the reason we give them for every 5 years instead of 10 years). Andrea has run over 50 Half Marathons which she plans to continue April 2020 after delivering her third baby in January.

Anita Rivera
Event Photographer

Anita Rivera photographs most of our Indianapolis events. Find her and her camera, think of something funny, and she’ll snap a good picture of you. She’s even happy to take them with your phones. We love Anita because she’ll endure the Facebook challenges to get our photos posted for you to share. She also posts them to RunSignUp, which can be tagged by your bib numbers.

Bob Klene
Chief Timing Engineer

Bob Klene, Chief Timing Engineer, leads the chip timing for most of Fun-Races events. This is his fourth year, and he continues to improve the process each race. Results are now posted online immediately after each race. Bob will generally ignore your questions at races, unless you have a donut or candy for him.

Jade Klene
Video Producer

Jade manages the video productions for our events.

Jett Klene
Race Announcer

Jett will often be the announcer at races and help at the finish line. Jett will pump up the runners before the race and encourage them as they finish.

Scott Hannaman
Timing VP

Scott Hannaman, VP of Timing, assists Bob on most races, and leads timing for a few races. Scott excels in making sense of mundane data the continuously scrolls across our screens. Since joining Fun-Races, Scott has become a runner, dropped 20 or so pounds, and usually brings coffee for Chet.