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Look for FAQs specific to the location of the event on the Indy or Chicago page.


Can kids run? Nope. Per our insurance, this one is 21+ only. No strollers either:(

How do I change my bib name? Log into and make it happen before Feb 24,2016.  Or We will have some Sharpies on-site for your coloring pleasure.

I can’t make it.  You may sell or transfer your registration. After your entry is sold or given away, log into to make the changes. If you want Fun-Races to do the transfer for you, email – we charge $5.00 for this service.

ID Check? You MUST BRING AN ID on race day.  Professional security will be verifying identification.

Does this run earn funReward points? Yes! If you haven’t yet signed up, do so when you register or do it now.

What if it rains? Then drink your beer faster or it may get watered down.  We go rain or shine.

Is there a wave start?  Kind-of… We make the start of the race area pretty small- so you get your first beer, then take off.  That spreads out everyone a bit, so 3,000 people don’t hit the first beer stop at the same time.

Is there gear check? Yes, and it’s free:)

Is this event timed? Not by us.  Set your iPhone or Droid if you want.

What should I wear? Green and fun are good!  Costumes are encouraged, there will be prizes for some fun/creative costumes.

Where do I park? Find a designated driver and let them worry about it:) Seriously, anywhere nearby should be fine but consider arriving early.

May my dog run with me? Yes, but no beer for him/her.  You know the rules, clean up and leashes…

How much beer do I really get? You get five separate 3-ounce beers. Plus you get a pint at the finish.  That’s 31 total ounces.

Is there packet pickup? Yes.  Check this website on the Indy or Chicago page, Facebook or emails for info. Or you may get your stuff on race day at the venue.

Can my non-running friends come? Yes, but we charge $10.00 for entry because space is limited- so they might as well register to get the swag:)

Are there prizes? Not for the faster runners, but YES for super-fun costumes.

Pictures? We will have photographers hanging around. They will upload photos to our Facebook page. You may do with them what you wish for free (the photos, not the photographers)!  Just like our page –

How Do I register? Click on any register button on this site and follow the prompts.

I have another question not listed. Please email me –